GA Delivers 1st Hardware Components for Newest Aircraft Carrier

General Atomics celebrated a milestone on May 9, with the delivery of the first set of Electromagnetic Aircraft Launch System, or EMALS, production components to Naval Air Systems Command for installation in the new aircraft carrier CVN 78. The shipset consists of thousands of hardware items related to its launch and recovery systems."This first delivery demonstrates how developing electromagnetic technologies can be brought to market in support of our customer, our defense and our nation," said Dean Key, production program manager for General Atomics, maker of the CVN 78 EMALS, and its companion Advanced Arresting Gear, or AAG. Key said, "The standard design-build-test approach did not support the construction plan for CVN 78, so we are manufacturing the shipset equipment while the design, proof and qualification testing is still in progress. This balance of risk and schedule is allowing General Atomics to deliver hardware components consistent with the company's contractual commitment."

Source: General Atomics
Date: May 20, 2011