Honeywell HTF7250G Turbofan Engine Certified By FAA

Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today announced that its HTF7250G turbofan engine has been certified by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The newest member of the most reliable turbofan engine in its class, the HTF7250G has been selected to power Gulfstream's new G250 super mid-size business jet. "The HTF7250G is a derivative of our successful HTF7000 engine," said Rob Wilson, President, Business and General Aviation. "The HTF7000 has set a 99.96 percent reliability benchmark for operational uptime, outperforming any other engine in its thrust class. Operators around the world love the engine's durability and fuel efficiency, whether they are flying nonstop from New York to London or across the country from San Francisco to Washington D.C. Gulfstream G250 operators will soon be enjoying those same benefits." The HFT7250G engines provide 7,445 pounds of thrust each and deliver extraordinary fuel efficiency, enabling the Gulfstream G250 to travel 3,400 nautical miles at 0.80 Mach with a maximum operation speed of 0.85 Mach. Honeywell's engines can power the Gulfstream G250 aircraft to FL410 in less than 20 minutes. The new engine also incorporates new green technology such as Honeywell's Single Annular Combustor for Emissions Reduction (SABER) technology to reduce NOx, CO2 and other unburned hydrocarbon emissions. "Honeywell's HFT7250G engine was designed to significantly reduce emissions and noise signatures while also delivering the longer maintenance intervals that customers demand," said Ron J. Rich, vice president, Propulsion, Honeywell Aerospace. "Those improvements also will be available in the near future for both new products as well as retrofits for fielded engines." Leading up to FAA certification, the HTF7250G engines have flown more than 350 test flights on Honeywell and Gulfstream aircraft, encompassing more than 1300 test hours.

Source: Honeywell International, Inc. (NYSE: HON)
Date: May 18, 2011