Barco Federal Systems achieves delivery milestone for US Navy's AN/UYQ-70 program

Visualization pioneer Barco continues to strengthen its role as an integral technology supplier to the U.S. Navy by providing thousands of rugged displays and graphics cards for the command and control workstations of several naval programs. On an ongoing basis, Barco has supplied RFD-251 series rugged flat panel displays and AVS-5100 graphics controllers, which are specifically engineered for C4ISR mission-critical military applications. The foundation of this business is the AN/UYQ-70 (Q-70) program, widely used in U.S. Navy program applications for sea, land, and airborne military platforms, as well as foreign sales to Australia, Germany, Japan, Norway, and Spain. The RFD-251 series display is a MIL-tailored 20.1" rugged LCD display, which offers superior operational performance in harsh military environments. It features a front-bonded optical stack for improved optical performance and superior ruggedization. The RFD-251 is a direct 19" rack and console mountable and can be remotely controlled via a serial link. The Automatic Phase Adjust function locks the sampling clock to drifting graphics generator clocks. Furthermore, the RFD-251 can be equipped with Barco's unique patented LCD Flicker Compensation solution. Barco's powerful AVS-5100 12-bit graphics generators are specifically designed to support high-resolution, drawing-intensive software. Thanks to their smart architecture, they provide the flexibility to generate graphics data in separate 12-bit underlay, overlay and super-overlay planes, with simultaneous display of external video and radar sources. "Our proven, low-risk rugged display and graphics solutions have been an ideal fit for the U.S. Navy's demanding applications throughout the life of the program, with no gaps in production supply for 16 years," commented Ron Farine, VP of Sales for Barco Federal Systems. "We're honored that Lockheed Martin has continued to choose Barco in developing its command and control systems to assist the Navy's efforts in achieving the highest possible real-time situational awareness."
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Source: Barco
Date: May 11, 2011