SBX Radar Vessel to Transit Puget Sound Towards Seattle's Vigor Shipyards

The Missile Defense Agency's Sea-Based X-band Radar (SBX) vessel will soon enter Puget Sound to arrive at Vigor Shipyard Seattle (formerly Todd Pacific Shipyards) in Seattle, Wash., for maintenance and upgrades. This work will begin in mid-May and will take about three months to complete. The radar will not be based in the Seattle area, and will not operate while in the shipyard. All vessel movements and work associated with the SBX are fully compliant with all environmental, health, and hazard laws and ordnances. The SBX Radar is one of the sensors for our nation's missile defense system. Its mission is to identify ballistic missile threats and relay that information to the battle management, command, control and communications system for missile defense. The SBX vessel will take several hours to cross the Puget Sound, and is expected to enter Vigor Shipyard Seattle within the next several days. While SBX is transiting in the navigable waters of the U.S., and while moored at Vigor Shipyard Seattle, a naval vessel protection zone (NVPZ) will be in effect around this vessel. The US Coast Guard will be assisting with the NVPZ.
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Source: Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
Date: May 9, 2011