Wallop Defence Systems reveal new TRITON illumine and maroon launcher system

Wallop Defence Systems, the Hampshire, UK based countermeasures division of the worldwide Esterline Defense Technologies group, is launching its new TRITON launcher system on the Miltrade stand no. H08 at IMDEX 2011 - Singapore between 18th and 20th May 2011. The TRITON system is designed to be easily fitted on any coast guard or coastal navy vessel and comprises 2 launchers capable of deploying 57mm illumine rounds with a 250,000 candela illuminating signature up to 1500 metres distance, thereby denying terrorists and drugs and people traffickers the cover of darkness to carry out their illegal operations. TRITON can also fire a noisemaking maroon to make both the traffickers and other ships the area aware that the, would be, attackers have been spotted. As well as the TRITON system, Wallop Defence Systems will be showcasing its advanced range of airborne and naval countermeasures capabilities and marine signals on the Miltrade stand H08. Two products that stand out on this year are the latest 26mm Chaff and IR flares and the RR180 Dual Shot Chaff cartridge, which effectively doubles the capacity of the dispenser to give increased operational effectiveness by reducing 'on ground' time for reloading. "People and drugs smuggling are multi billion Dollar businesses and Piracy is currently costing the global market over $10billion, Triton is a highly effective, low cost system which gives the user a real and significant advantage in these threat situations. We are looking forward to showing our important markets in Asia Pacific how Wallop Defence Systems TRITON System can help them get increased operational effectiveness." Commented Dave Connors, Business Development Director of Wallop Defence Systems. Operationally proven around the globe, Wallop Defence Systems products combine technical innovation, efficient design and a carefully controlled manufacturing process to deliver outstanding performance with low acquisition and through life costs.
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Source: Wallop Defence Systems
Date: May 6, 2011