Sectra to Simplify Key Management in Rakel

The Swedish Defense Materiel Administration, FMV, has ordered a server solution from Sectra, which will comprise wireless distribution of cryptographic keys. The solution will be used by public safety functions and the Swedish Armed Forces in the national radio system, Rakel. The wireless distribution will facilitate the use of security functions that protect sensitive information from eavesdropping. The order value is SEK 13 million. Prior to Sweden's EU Presidency in 2009, Sectra developed a TETRA crypto, which was used by important public safety officials to protect against eavesdropping in Rakel. The server solution currently being developed by Sectra will significantly enhance efficient management of cryptographic keys and thus promote expanded and more secure cooperation within and between user groups in Rakel. The development of the server solution for wireless distribution of cryptographic keys will continue until spring 2012. The aim is to have the full system approved at security level Restricted during 2012. "We invest a great deal in usability in our product development and the ability to distribute cryptographic keys wirelessly will result in major resource savings for users of our TETRA crypto," says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications. Protection of information critical to society in Rakel Rakel is a national radio system that is used by such public safety functions as the police, rescue services, customs and coastguard services. Rakel currently has approximately 30,000 subscribers and the aim is to reach 70,000 subscribers when municipalities, county councils and private players join. Sectra's TETRA crypto protects phone calls from eavesdropping and is used with terminals from the largest manufacturers. This provides users with the possibility to choose the terminal that is best suited for their specific needs and at the same time maintain security.
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Source: Sectra
Date: May 2, 2011