STUAS Integrator Completes 1st Operational Assessment

Insitu Inc. announced today that the Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft System (STUAS) Integrator completed its first Operational Assessment (OA-1), a critical milestone in the STUAS program execution. During OA-1, the STUAS Integrator system flew mission scenarios designed to assess operational suitability of the current Integrator UAS. The STUAS program was awarded to Insitu for its Integrator UAS in July 2010 to provide persistent maritime and land-based tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data collection and dissemination capabilities to the warfighter. The STUAS contract gives NAVAIR the opportunity to exercise an early operational capability. A favorable operational assessment could mean delivery of a number of Integrator systems to the U.S. Marine Corps before the year's end. "Completing the operational assessment demonstrates a level of system maturity. We know how Integrator will likely perform in the field," said Insitu Vice President of Programs and STUAS Program Manager Bill Clark. "Now we can optimize our STUAS design as we finish integrating new technologies and requirements into the system."
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Source: Insitu
Date: Apr 22, 2011