Insitu Completes STUAS Requirements Review

Insitu Inc. has announced that the Small Tactical Unmanned Aircraft (STUAS) Integrator program conducted a critical milestone after an in-depth three-day system requirements review by the U.S. Navy in February. The review provides a solid reference point for program execution. It establishes system requirements and determines how those requirements will be validated and tested. "Our highly dedicated team showed that it can leverage our commercially available model of the Integrator UAS to meet the STUAS schedule," said Insitu Vice President of Programs and STUAS Program Manager Bill Clark. The STUAS program was awarded to Insitu for its Integrator UAS in July 2010 to provide persistent maritime and land-based tactical intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance data collection and dissemination capabilities to the warfighter. "We're one step closer to delivering a new mature, flexible ISR asset with expanded mission options to the warfighter," said Insitu Interim Chief Executive Officer and Chief Technology Officer Charlie Guthrie.
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Source: Insitu
Date: Apr 21, 2011