Virtual Bridges for a Case of Emergency

The German Federal Agency for Military Technology, Koblenz, has commissioned szenaris to develop a training system for the operation of makeshift bridges. The so-called foldable long-span bridges (FLB) are used in military and humanitarian missions when a region is cut off from land routes. The project has started in April 2011. szenaris will implement the project on an existing hardware platform, the "CoCBT system" (Co-operative Computer Based Training), also called Virtual Reality Team Trainer, to reduce costs for the Federal Agency. The platform is installed in Minden since 2003 and has been refurbished in 2010. So far, the bridge systems "Amphibian M3" and "Improved Ribbon Bridge (IRB)" are implemented on the CoCBT system. This virtual reality simulation enables a group of learners to train most complex procedures in a common virtual environment. The CoCBT platform supporting the training of completely different systems on one hardware platform constitutes a system which is unique in the world. The development of the "Foldable Long-Span Bridge (FLB) Computer Based Training Equipment" is scheduled to be completed in March 2012.

Source: szenaris GmbH
Date: Apr 21, 2011