HDT Global and Airborne Systems Expand to Meet the Needs of Canadian Military

HDT Global ("HDT"), a leading provider of highly-engineered mobile military and emergency response solutions announced the opening of a new office in Ottawa, Canada. The new office will facilitate business activity in the Ottawa area for strategic HDT Global business units, particularly Airborne Systems, a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of military parachute and aerial delivery systems. The new office, which will focus on business development initiatives, will also enable HDT to develop its Canadian presence by leveraging Airborne Systems Canada Ltd.'s (ASCL) experience and existing business with the Canadian Department of National Defence. "Airborne Systems is eager to support the expansion of HDT's Canadian footprint and customer relationships," said Peter Johnson, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing, who has been chosen to oversee this facility. "The Ottawa location brings us closer to our Canadian customers in that region leveraging the expeditionary synergies of our dynamic business units to meet the needs of the Canadian Military." The Canadian DND and HDT Global's business units have a rich history. Through this new location, HDT Global will be able to further facilitate current and future Canadian DND programs and initiatives, such as the upcoming Arctic military exercise, Operation Nanook, in August 2011. Johnson explains: "Large shelters will need to be delivered to remote Arctic locations, where there are no roads, and where weather may be severe. Airborne Systems Guided Precision Aerial Delivery Systems (GPADS) are the perfect delivery system for HDT shelters as they can precisely deliver any type of payload to remote locations from high altitudes. This enables us to provide a complete solution to the customer." The new office is in close proximity to Airborne Systems maintenance facility in Belleville, Ontario. As an additional benefit, HDT will utilize the Belleville facility as a service location for its shelter systems, increasing the usage of the existing plant. Jason Chamberlain, President of HDT Global, noted, "This is an important step in strengthening our position in the Canadian marketplace by expanding our business with Canadian customers and creating tangible business development opportunities. We're pleased to see that our investment in Airborne Systems is bringing those goals to fruition."

Source: HDT Global
Date: Apr 12, 2011