Sectra Panthon approved by Dutch security authority on security level Restricted

--[ASDWire]-- Sectra Panthon, Sectra's new communication solution for customers that wish to utilize a smartphone to make secure telephone calls, has been approved by the Dutch security authorities on security level (*1) Restricted. Government agencies that subject products to security requirements can thus allow officials who handle sensitive information to use Sectra Panthon to protect their phone calls from eavesdropping. The development of cellular phones of increasing similarity to computers means requirements for new types of security solutions. For this reason, Sectra has developed Panthon, a voice encryption solution that enables civil servants and decision makers who are subject to stringent security requirements to make telephone calls with a smartphone without the risk of information leaks. Making a secure call with Sectra Panthon, which also supports mobile IP telephony, is as simple as making a normal telephone call. "The security authority's approval of the Sectra Panthon for secure voice traffic constitutes a crucial first step for customers that wish to communicate securely with a smartphone," says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications. "Our existing customers, who currently use products for security level Secret, regard Panthon as an excellent complement for employees that handle information classified on security level Restricted," continues Michael Bertilsson. Sectra's close collaboration with customers and national security authorities has led to the company's products for secure telephony currently being utilized by government authorities and defense customers in 17 European countries, within EU and NATO. *1)Government authorities and defense agencies use four levels to define the treatment of sensitive information; Top Secret, Secret, Confidential and Restricted. The levels correspond to the amount of damage information could cause if an unauthorized person were to gain access
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Source: Sectra AB
Date: Apr 11, 2011