Sentient's Automated Target Detection at AAAA and SPIE

Melbourne, Australia - 7 April 2011 --[ASDWire]-- Sentient today announced that Kestrel Land MTI, its automated target detection software for full motion video (FMV), will be on display at this year's AAAA Professional Forum and Exposition (17-20 April in Nashville) and SPIE Defense, Security + Sensing Conference (25-29 April in Orlando). With hundreds of operational hours in theatre, Kestrel Land MTI provides essential Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) support to Australian and Coalition operations. Automating the detection of small moving targets in urban, desert and mountainous terrain, the software assists ISR operators and image analysts in their daily surveillance tasks. "Kestrel Land MTI assists ISR analysts to locate hard-to-find moving targets. By automatically highlighting movement on the ground, the software improves their ability to detect easily missed moving targets such as dismounts or camouflaged vehicles on airborne surveillance FMV," said Dr Paul Boxer, Managing Director of Sentient. Kestrel Land MTI has been deployed on various air platforms, ranging from small, hand-launched UAVs to MALE/HALE UAVs and manned surveillance aircraft, equipped with the latest electro-optical (EO) and infrared (IR) sensor technology. It acts as a capability multiplier, improving a force's ability to assess, prepare, and respond to potential threats on the ground. Kestrel demonstrations, which are open to customers, media and partners, will take place at the Sentient booth - AAAA booth# 1815 and SPIE booth#1238 At SPIE, Dr Boxer will also be talking about "The effect of minimum target size and other factors on the performance envelope of automated moving target Indication systems for airborne surveillance with EO sensors" at 9:20am on Thursday, 28 April.

Source: Sentient Vision Systems
Date: Apr 7, 2011