Telephonics' TruLink Windtalker Achieves Type 1 NSA Certification

Telephonics Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Griffon Corporation (NYSE:GFF), announced today that its Communication Systems Division has received Type 1 Certification from the National Security Agency for its TruLink(r) Wireless Intercommunication System's Windtalker(r) Encryption Device (WED), providing protection of information up to the U.S. Government Secret classification level. TruLink was selected as the Army and Navy Aircraft Wireless Intercommunication System (AWIS/AWICS respectively) and has already been successfully fielded for many unencrypted applications. The Type 1 certified system now gives the warfighter the ability to use TruLink in conjunction with other secure platform radios to enhance safety and operational effectiveness. "Telephonics is proud to provide the capability of Secure Wireless Type 1 full-duplex voice communications to the Warfighter that will enhance the safety of our troops" said Michael Canders, Telephonics' Communication Systems Division President. "The TruLink system continues to be fielded across the Army, Navy and Air Force to enhance safety of our military personnel during dangerous and critical operational missions. TruLink provides full duplex, high audio quality, encrypted voice communications between team members operating in the extremely high noise environment of an aircraft. Prior to the advent of TruLink, crew members used headsets that were tied to long communication cords or had to resort to shouting or using hand signals to communicate. The long cords pose risk of entanglement, which is extremely dangerous during many operations. The TruLink Encrypted Wireless Intercommunication System eliminates these dangers. Common applications for the TruLink include Medical Evacuation, Search and Rescue, Precision Air Drop and Maintenance and Ground Operations.
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Source: Telephonics Corp.
Date: Mar 31, 2011