Vector Aerospace's Arriel 2 Engine Overhaul Line in Full Operation

Vector Aerospace Helicopter Services-North America, a subsidiary of Vector Aerospace Corporation one of the world's leading independent providers of helicopter maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) services announces its Turbomeca-approved Arriel 2 engine repair and overhaul line; including full test capability is up and running. "We are excited to introduce Vector's newest engine capability to the market," explains John MacDougall, Vector's senior vice-president of sales and marketing. "Our years of experience and success I supporting the Arriel 1 engine has immediately opened the door for Vector in the Arriel 2 market, and immediately we received overhauls from leading heli-tour operators including Sunshine Helicopters and Maverick Helicopters, as well as several prominent United States-based helicopter fleet operators." "Vector received approval from Turbomeca in 2009 to offer repair and overhaul support for the Arriel 2 engine (including: 2B, 2B1, 2C, 2C1, 2C2, 2S1 and 2S2 series)," explains MacDougall. "From that point, we established a repair and overhaul line while also certifying and correlating our engine test cell to accommodate full test procedures." MacDougall emphasizes that the primary motivator for entering the Arriel 2 market was Vector's awareness of a growing market requirement for additional repair and overhaul support; and Vector's 20-plus years of success in supporting Arriel 1 operators was a clear indicator that it could manage the Arriel 2 equally well. Therefore, the addition of the Arriel 2 line to Vector's existing engine portfolio made business sense for helicopter operators, the Original Equipment Manufacturer, and for Vector. "The Arriel 2 engine is a great product that will be relevant to the industry for many years, and Vector is working diligently to ensure we are a key player in the Arriel 2 repair and overhaul market," says MacDougall.

Source: Vector Aerospace Corp.
Date: Mar 28, 2011