Aviation Security Market will reach $20bn in 2011

While the performance of the global economy remains sluggish, and the outlook remains uncertain, aviation security spending will demonstrate resilience, allowing for strong growth prospects during 2010 and beyond. According the new market study on ASDReports.com the global aviation security market will reach $20bn in 2011. North America will continue to lead investment and will remain a substantial part of the global aviation security market in 2011. The study expects the emerging Asia Pacific market to become a significant aviation security market to watch. The study further identifies the Middle East as a key regional market to look out for - owing to the robust growth path of its economy, which is stimulating domestic demand for civil aviation and encouraging greater levels of investment in infrastructure. As the civil aviation security market adapts to different threats, the future of the industry will look very different, allowing for growth opportunities. In emerging and mature markets, upgrades and expansion of airports to accommodate soaring demand for air travel will provide new sources of demand growth for security systems. In Asia Pacific and the Middle East, ambitious construction plans for new international and domestic airports will provide a wealth of new opportunities for aviation security players. A full account of these developments is available within the report. More information on the brand new market study can be found on ASDReports.com.
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Source: ASDReports - Market Research
Date: Mar 25, 2011