Patria to Strengthen its Position in Norway

The Nordic defence, security and aerospace group Patria strengthens its position in Norway and in the Nordic helicopter maintenance by buying the Norwegian Bardufoss based NAC Maintenance AS (NACM), specialised in helicopter and aircraft maintenance. By the deal the company name will be changed to Patria Helicopters AS. Patria aims to expand the NACM operations and serve the military and civilian operators especially in the northern Norway. "Patria is very pleased to have an already operating and professional Norwegian company as a basis for a new unit. We want to expand the current maintenance operations, recruit new skilled personnel from Norway and to create stability to the development of operations in the long run", says Lassi Matikainen from Patria. Patria has already operated in Norway for a long time as Patria and the Norwegian state own the defence group Nammo AS with equal stakes. The Norwegian Armed Forces has purchased XA vehicles from Patria. Also, Patria maintains Norwegian helicopters. Furthermore, Nordic cooperation takes place in NH90 project in connection with NORDILS as well as in helicopter engine assembly.
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Source: Patria Oyj
Date: Mar 24, 2011