NAVAIR select Hamilton Sundstrand EPCS kits

Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) has awarded a contract for the procurement and installation of as many as 25 electronic propeller control system (EPCS) aircraft kits to Hamilton Sundstrand Corporation, a subsidiary of United Technologies Corporation (NYSE: UTX). This award provides for up to 20 kits for the U.S. Navy Reserve's C-130T aircraft and as many as five kits for the U.S. Air National Guard's LC-130H aircraft. The combined value of this award is estimated to be worth $24.6 million in sales for Hamilton Sundstrand and will include engineering, technical and logistics services over the next three years. EPCS kits replace 54H60 propeller mechanical controls with a system based on digital computer software, offering improved reliability, performance and precision. Hamilton Sundstrand is applying its commercial electronic propeller control technology previously adapted for use by the Department of Defense under a Commercial Operations and Support Savings Initiative agreement. The kits have been flying for the Air National Guard in an operational evaluation for four years. The control systems are expected to achieve commercial certification later this year. "Hamilton Sundstrand is pleased that NAVAIR and the USAF have started the permanent modification phase of the EPCS program. In addition, the EPCS kits are part of our propeller modernization program, which can be applied to NP2000 propellers in the future," said Robert Schechtman, business development manager of Hamilton Sundstrand's propulsion business. "The NP2000 propeller system brings many additional benefits to C-130 users including shorter take-off roll, improved climb, quieter operations, and lower operating and support costs."

Source: Hamilton Sundstrand, A United Technologies Company (NYSE:UTX)
Date: Mar 18, 2011