OEwaves Reported A Breakthrough in Microwave Opto-Electronic Oscillator (OEO) Technology

Pasadena, CA - March 16, 2011 --[ASDWire]-- OEwaves, Inc. has achieved unprecedented phase noise performance in a microchip package based on proprietary ultra-high quality factor (Q) crystalline optical resonators and the opto-electronic oscillator architecture. Capable of microwave frequencies beyond 100 GHz, such high performance microwave photonic oscillator chip revolutionizes communication system performances required by the next generation military/defense and commercial microwave applications. With significantly lower phase noise/jitter than conventional oscillator technology in comparable form factor, the system spectral purity can be significantly improved without compromising size weight and power (SWAP). The unique patented optical micro-resonator technology enables a variety of superior photonic-based architectures for microwave and millimeter wave applications. "We are pleased to offer this oscillator with its unprecedented performance in such a small form factor," said Lute Maleki, President and CEO of OEwaves, Inc. "The microresonator based OEO is a timely product to meet the emerging requirements in the microwave and mm-wave frequency range." The breakthrough technology improves system performance in demanding applications where high spectral efficiency and small size, weight, and power are required including but not limited to transmitter/receiver, radio, SATCOM, and portable test and measurement systems.
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Source: OEwaves
Date: Mar 16, 2011