Honeywell & Sonovision Choose Inmedius for Airbus A350 Electronic Manuals

Pittsburgh, PA - March 15, 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Inmedius(r), Inc. has been selected by Sonovision Canada to utilize the S1000D Publishing Suite(tm) to fulfill its contractual obligations to Honeywell Aerospace for the Airbus A350 program, a new long-range, wide body twinjet. Airbus S.A.S, an EADS Company, is a leading aircraft manufacturer with significant activity across Europe. Sonovision Canada will integrate all A350 publications into the Airbus technical documentation suite utilizing Inmedius S1000D software tools. "The next generation A350 airplane requires the best technical documentation," explained Gary L. Schaffer, President and CEO, Inmedius. "We are proud to have been selected by Honeywell and Sonovision to supply the S1000D publication software for the Airbus program." Inmedius formed a strategic partnership in 2009 with Sonovision-ITEP of Canada in the production of technical publications utilizing their S1000D Publishing Suite for aerospace and defense projects. Sonovision-ITEP, a pioneer and global leader in electronic document authoring and delivery, leverages Inmedius' technologies in the S1000D Publishing Suite. The fully integrated, seven-module solution set supports the entire S1000D documentation lifecycle. "The Sonovision Group has been working directly with Airbus for many years. We provide the unique advantage of having a partner who can integrate all of its A350 publications seamlessly," said Rick Temelini, President of Sonovision Canada. "Working with the S1000D standard is part of an overall effort to eliminate paper by delivering manuals in electronic format, an important part of Honeywell's ongoing efforts as an eco-friendly company. We also will provide Honeywell with the Inmedius S1000D application suite which gives our customers a 'best solution' approach to the development, management and overall quality of S1000D documentation." The Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite powerful, yet easy to use software modules work together, integrating authoring through publishing. Together, these innovative, performance-oriented applications cultivate, organize and disseminate data and technical information assets. Visit for an S1000D Getting Started Kit, demonstrations, webinars white papers, and detailed product information and literature.
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Date: Mar 15, 2011