DCNS Wins MU90 Lightweight Torpedo Maintenance Contract

This contract, worth about EUR20m, signed with the Direction Generale de l'Armement (DGA), the French defence procurement agency, covers in-service support (ISS) of French Navy MU90 torpedoes for four years. In addition to the maintenance of the torpedoes, this contract covers the maintenance of the associated test benches and tools, along with the supply of services relating to exercise firings of the MU90 torpedo. These exercises are conducted by the French Navy in the Mediterranean: the services include the preparation, recovery, analysis and reconditioning of the torpedo and the associated support equipments (moving target, noise generator, recovery vessel, etc.). It also covers additional spare parts and consumables. More than 60% of the contract work will be carried out by DCNS, a member of the Eurotorp consortium, with WASS (subsidiary of the Italian Finmeccanica group) and Thales. This MU90 torpedo ISS contract provides a framework intended to deliver the same services for other navies using the MU90 torpedo, as is already the case for the Italian Navy. For DCNS, this contract supplements the services already provided since 2003 for maintenance of French Navy F17 and L5 heavyweight torpedoes and reinforces its capacity to prepare and conduct complete torpedo testing.

Source: DCNS
Date: Mar 11, 2011