TenCate ABDS Blast Protection System Successfully Tested

TenCate Advanced Armour and ABDS A/S in Denmark in collaboration with the Danish Defence Acquisition and Logistics Organization (DALO), have successfully completed a fullscale, underbelly improvised explosive device test on a 15ton flat-belly Armoured Personnel Carrier with fully integrated ABDS(tm) active blast countermeasure system. The improvised explosive device (IED) continues to be the weapon of choice for insurgents and the primary threat in Afghanistan. TenCate Advanced Armour and ABDS A/S have been working to rapidly mature the fully integrated ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system and to design innovative integration concepts for a range of combat and tactical military vehicles. The ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system effectively mitigates the devastating effects of IEDs, defeating the acceleration of the vehicle and vehicle structure. Automatic and instantaneous response The phase 3 system level test, completed on a fully instrumented vehicle, successfully incorporated the Trigger and Activation System (TAS) designed for ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system. This provides an automatic and instantaneous response to the detonating IED delivering a structural and biomechanical response mode, fulfilling STANAG 4569 at classified levels. Peter Bertelsen, ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system program manager for TenCate Advanced Armour, says: "We are excited to have successfully completed this system level test. The results demonstrate a high level of complete system level maturity that provides a very high level of protection on a fully integrated tracked combat vehicle. We have been successful at validating the effectiveness of the ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system at very large threat levels, surpassing the other protection systems that are currently available". Final phase of testing ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system testing is now entering phase 4, the final phase of system level testing, which includes cooperative testing with various North American- and European- based prime defence contractors and governmental agencies. The final phase of testing, scheduled to be completed within the next three to four months, will validate system maturity and reliability. Successful completion of Phase 4 will ensure the ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system is ready for fielding during the second half of this year. The validated ABDSTM active blast countermeasure system is easily retrofitted to a wide range of vehicle platforms to meet ever changing, urgent field requirements, aimed at addressing the continuing and evolving IED threat.

Source: TenCate
Date: Mar 7, 2011