ATK Strengthens Coastal Defense Capabilities With MAWS

ATK (NYSE: ATK) introduced its newly-developed Modular Advanced Weapon System (MAWS) at the 10th International Defence Exhibition & Conference (IDEX) in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. MAWS is a flexible, remote weapon system designed to integrate ATK's field-proven medium-caliber Chain Guns(r) and ammunition into watercraft and ground platforms. Armament options include the M230LF cannon, a link-fed variant of the highly reliable M230 cannon carried on the AH-64 Apache helicopter. Developed in partnership with the U.S. Navy, MAWS offers a total weapon solution with an integrated stabilization system, ballistic computation, and state-of-the-art sighting system that provides superior targeting for shipboard and ground engagements. MAWS offers adaptability and quick integration into surface warships and ground combat platforms as well as affordable scalability to support the upgrade of legacy equipment. The MAWS open architecture allows for integration of most light, medium, and heavy machine guns. The man-machine interface in the MAWS - the Remote Operator's Console (ROC) - has a touch panel display, function and safety switches, and either dual grips or a military standard video game-type joystick controller allowing intuitive under armor operation and maximum situational awareness that improves soldier safety and ensures lethality overmatch from existing and future threat platforms. "ATK has long been a leader in providing advanced, affordable precision weapons that offer increased lethality and improved warfighter safety," said Dan Olson, Vice President and General Manager, ATK Integrated Weapon Systems. "MAWS is a perfect evolution of that history, integrating ATK's field-proven medium-caliber guns and ammunition with our advanced fire control system into a flexible system solution that optimizes accuracy, performance and ammunition capacity to ensure reliability and mission success."

Source: Alliant Tech Systems, Inc (ATK) (NYSE: ATK)
Date: Feb 21, 2011