LRAD Receives LRAD Systems and Services Orders from US Navy

LRAD Corporation (ATC) (NASDAQ: LRAD), the world leader in acoustic hailing devices (AHDs), announced today it has received over $800,000 in new LRAD systems and services orders from the U.S. Navy. The Company has supplied LRAD systems and services to the U.S. Navy since 2003. "We appreciate this new round of orders from the U.S. Navy," commented Tom Brown, president and CEO of LRAD Corporation. "LRAD was originally developed to support protection and exclusion zones around U.S. Navy ships in response to the attack on the USS Cole over ten years ago. LRAD gives naval and commercial maritime vessels the vital capability of determining the intent of unidentified ships that fail to respond to radio calls. LRAD then provides security forces time and distance to react and measure their response." LRAD Corporation's proprietary Long Range Acoustic Device(r) systems broadcast powerful multi-language hails, warnings and instructions at distances up to 3,000 meters. Through the use of highly intelligible voice commands and deterrent tones, LRAD creates increased standoff and safety zones, supports peaceful conflict resolution, and potentially saves lives on both sides of the device. The Company also announced an LRAD system was used by the South Korean Navy during their successful rescue of the Samho Jewelry off the coast of Somalia late last month. The South Korean Navy used LRAD to alert the hijacked crew of the rescue operation and broadcast warnings to the pirates that had seized the ship. "We're pleased to be the AHD of choice for the world's naval forces," concluded Brown.
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Source: LRAD Corp.
Date: Feb 18, 2011