Inmedius Advances S1000D Support with S1000Dmanager v4.0 Software Release

Pittsburgh, PA - January 26, 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Inmedius, Inc. announces the latest, feature-rich release of its robust management system, Inmedius S1000Dmanager(tm) v4.0. The year-long product development effort facilitates important Issue 4.0 changes and additions in S1000D Specification requirements, while capitalizing on technological advances in hardware and operating systems that optimize performance. Manager v4.0 incorporates a number of significant new or expanded capabilities and enhancements; a comprehensive applicability system with Issue 4.0 structures, unique customer configurations facilitated through filtered publishing, customer management using a new Data Module Extension (DME) option, extended Business Rules Exchange (BREX) support with Inmedius Advisor(tm) integration, and automated Data Module container building capability. With Manager's enhanced applicability functionality and extended customer configuration system, support has also been added for five additional Data Module types. "Inmedius' commitment to provide ongoing development in support of the S1000D Specification is demonstrated by the robustness of the current Manager release," explained Sean Rushing, Inmedius Director of S1000D Products and Services. "Manager v4.0 now supports unique customer configurations that allow you to organize applicability, DME information, products, and languages for specific customers." Manager v4.0 supports large S1000D projects that contain tens of thousands of Data Modules, while continuing to deliver responsive data access, screen load times and module creation and publishing. Performance optimization was conducted throughout the application. Manager v4.0 was also rigorously tested in 64-bit Linux and Windows(r) environments, demonstrating that access to additional memory provides significant processing improvements for most operations. Manager is one of seven modules in the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite(tm), a fully integrated solution set, supporting the entire S1000D technical documentation lifecycle. The powerful, yet easy to use software modules work together, integrating authoring through publishing. Manager delivers comprehensive S1000D project setup and management support. Learn more at and view the S1000Dmanager v4.0 Highlights Sheet for more detailed descriptions and illustrations of the latest enhancements.

Source: Inmedius
Date: Jan 27, 2011