New Advanced Radars for Bucharest Otopeni International Airport

Terma has been awarded a contract in Romania for its new SCANTER 5502 Redundant Solid State Surface Movement Radar (SMR). Two SCANTER 5502 Redundant SMR Radars will form part of AviBit's A-SMGCS (Advanced-Surface Movement Guidance and Control Systems) ACEMAX(r) for the Romanian airport. The radars will be installed in the summer 2011 and will be the first airport installation of Terma's new SCANTER 5000 series. Bucharest Otopeni International Airport will take advantages of the new SCANTER 5000 series which includes features like: -- an overall clear, crisp and high-resolution radar image of the coverage area -- a high dynamic range that ensures target separation is maintained also in situations with large targets close to small targets -- the ability to control the transmitted power in sectors for increased robustness against interference between radar stations and to minimize multi path reflections -- low life cycle costs due to no use of magnetrons combined with a long lifetime as a result of the robust mechanical design and efficient temperature management. The SMR SCANTER 5502 is an X-band, 2D, fully coherent pulse compression radar, based on Solid State transmitter technology with software-defined functionality. The use of Solid State Power Amplifier (SSPA) allows flexible frequency planning over the full band (9.0-9.5 GHz) which results in superior Frequency Diversity performances including enhanced Probability of Detection (PD), especially for small targets in severe ground clutter conditions. Bucharest Otopeni International Airport is Romania's busiest international airport located northwest of Bucharest. The airport has a dual-runway configuration and is undergoing a major expansion including a new Terminal 2 that can handle 20 million passengers by 2020. SMR systems are used by air traffic controllers to detect and guide aircraft and vehicles (i.e. baggage carriers, buses, supply trucks, staff cars, etc.) on the ground surface of the airport and thus secure safety. It is the most widely used surveillance system for airport surveillance at present.
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Source: Terma A/S
Date: Jan 21, 2011