and KLM choose for FSC Amsterdam

Amsterdam-Schiphol, 12 January 2011 --[ASDWire]-- and KLM have selected Flight Simulation Company (FSC) as their exclusive partner for the provisioning of over 20,000 hours of B737-NG full flight simulator capacity for the next three years. FSC will make available full flight simulator capacity on Boeing 737-800 full flight simulators in order to fulfill the entire training requirement of, currently operating over thirty B737-NG aircraft in the Netherlands and France. Additionally, FSC will accommodate the entire overflow requirement of KLM which is the result of the replacement of B737-PG's by new B737-NG's. "FSC has proven to be a very reliable partner over the past years, delivering the standards we are looking for" said Capt. Michiel van Dorst, EVP Flight Operations of KLM. "Apart from accomplishing high norms with regard to the simulators, FSC has proven to be able to perform in a very personal and customer minded way. An aspect which has always highly appreciated" as stated by Capt. Xander Bremer, Vice President Flight Operations of FSC will make available sufficient capacity for all customers in the coming years at its twelve-bay simulator training center at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport. "We are proud that and KLM have chosen for FSC as well as many other customers. It shows that our quality and service are recognized across the industry" Capt. Bob van Balen said. FSC is an independent operator of full flight simulators and provider of flight crew training to commercial airlines. From its simulator training centers at Amsterdam-Schiphol Airport and Dallas/Ft Worth, FSC serves many commercial airlines by offering high quality, cost effective and customer focused training solutions.
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Source: Flight Simulation Company
Date: Jan 12, 2011