Orbit Receives Contract for US Navy Prototype MK 110 SDC

Orbit International Corp. (NASDAQ:ORBT), an electronics manufacturer and software solution provider, today announced that its Electronics Group has received a prototype award from a U.S. Navy Procurement Agency valued in excess of $275,000 for the MK 110 Signal Data Converter (SDC). This recent award was received by the Company's Integrated Combat Systems, Inc. ("ICS") subsidiary located in Louisville, Kentucky. Deliveries under this contract award are expected to commence in the first quarter of 2011 and conclude in the second quarter of 2011. The MK 110 SDC is an unmanned, environmentally-isolated shipboard enclosure that houses a standard 19 inch electronics rack containing processors, electronic devices, cooling and power conditioning equipment that perform processing, interfacing and data extraction functions designed to meet the most stringent U.S. Navy operational systems requirements. The MK 110 SDC is a critical item of the Gun Computer System installed in Arleigh Burke Class U.S. Navy Destroyers. Julie McDearman, ICS's Director of Engineering and Logistics commented, "We are delighted to announce the contract award for the prototype SDC and appreciate the opportunity provided to us by the U.S. Navy. Our experienced team of engineers and logisticians are prepared to meet the challenges of developing the prototype SDC. The knowledge gained through the execution of this prototype effort will be invaluable when we bid on the production version of the SDC in 2011. We continue to believe that the ICS business model for continued growth of custom systems integration blended with logistics support will lead to new business opportunities in the marketplace." Dennis Sunshine, Orbit's President and Chief Executive Officer commented, "Critical multi-year U.S. Navy programs are underway and are designated and funded to upgrade and modernize the current U.S. Navy fleet. We recently announced that ICS received significant contract awards for its MK 119 and MK 437 product lines and noted that there were additional opportunities that we were pursuing. This prototype award represents a success in the pursuit of these opportunities plus offers the potential for production orders next year."

Source: Orbit International Corp.
Date: Dec 6, 2010