Inmedius S1000D Process Editor V2.0 Adds Robust Preview Function

Latest Release of Visual Editor Software Supports S1000D Issue 4, Extends Applicability Pittsburgh, PA - December 1, 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Inmedius(r), Inc. announces Version 2.0 of its unique S1000D Process Editor, an advanced visualization authoring solution to simply and quickly produce complex Process Data Modules. The feature-rich software release includes a robust Preview function, comprehensive S1000D Issue 4.0 Specification support, and extended applicability functionality. The same viewing technology used in the Process Editor for Preview is now fully integrated into the Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite(tm), facilitating a common view between authoring and the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM). "The latest release of the Process Editor incorporates a single viewer for authoring and viewing documents," stated Sean Rushing, Director of S1000D Product and Services, Inmedius, Inc. "A consistent presentation of data is provided in the Process Editor for authoring, S1000Dinteract(tm) for IETM sharing and viewing, and with S1000Dreview(tm) to evaluate them for quality assurance. Having a consistent interface and familiar functionality across the entire technical document publishing process significantly enhances ease of use and efficiency." The Inmedius S1000D Process Editor's powerful interface, with user-friendly WYSIWYG technology, also ensures conformance with Specification requirements. The new update incorporates the Issue 4.0 tag set and extends the ability for authors to make applicability assignments to more items, including wrapper nodes. Unique to the authoring software is the automatic manipulation of the original complex XML data structures. The result is well-formed, S1000D-compliant files that even non-XML users are able to easily create and edit. The Process Editor employs advanced visualization technology to enable any user to easily and quickly picture the most complex data structures. By simply dragging and dropping components, users can author and edit Process Data Modules. The Process Editor is one of three Inmedius S1000D authoring solutions, all of which provide a seamless user experience. Like browser-based S1000DauthorPro(tm) XE and the original S1000DauthorPro, the Process Editor can be integrated with Inmedius S1000Dmanager(tm), a comprehensive project setup and management support system. The Editor provides Manager users with a graphical flowchart environment to straightforwardly observe the overall logical structure of the Process Data Module.

Source: Inmedius
Date: Dec 1, 2010