Selex Galileo Unveils the Mirach 100/X

An intensive research and development programme that included project, modelling, simulation and test activities has borne fruit in the form of the Mirach 100/X Aerial Target, unveiled today by defence electronics company SELEX Galileo. The Mirach 100/X meets stringent modern requirements for high subsonic drones used as threat simulators in the test and evaluation of latest generation armed systems in land, sea and air domains. The new aerial target is a derivation of the Company's proven Mirach 100/5, the standard European Armed Forces threat simulator. The 100/5 is a mature and reliable system that features high speed, high manoeuvrability (including for sea-skimming missions) and a reduced Radar Cross Section (RCS), with the possibility for the integration of multiple payloads. It is capable of meeting future transonic requirements and performs at the top end of its category. The Mirach 100/X is the next step up from the 100/5, incorporating the mature Williams International WJ38-7T engine (a derivative of the Tactical Tomahawk engine), improved aerodynamics and advanced avionics. The flight test programme, finalised last October, effectively demonstrated the 100/X's maximum speed and load factor capabilities (high G's). On the most recent flights, the Mirach 100/X performed as predicted in the previous modelling and simulation work, demonstrating that the drone has additional thrust available for future mission growth. The Mirach 100/X will also be able to integrate a stable of mature payloads already incorporated into the Mirach 100 family, allowing for a broad range of threat simulations and full interaction with an existing and proven ground segment. The Mirach 100/X represents an affordable, high fidelity aerial target solution, ready to represent today and tomorrow's missile and aircraft threats for Armed Forces around the world.

Source: Selex Galileo
Date: Nov 17, 2010