Jet Airways Takes-Off with navAero Electronic Flight Bag

Jet Airways has selected navAero to supply the tBag(tm)C22 Electronic Flight Bag system for the airline's fleet of 96 A330, B737-NG and ATR 72 aircrafts that operate to 23 international and 42 domestic destinations. Jet Airways will begin the implementation of their EFB program next month by deploying the navAero Class 2 systems into ten of the airline's B737-NG aircraft using navAero STC ST02714NY. This certification is currently going through the approval validation process of India's DGCA. navAero is nearing completion of EASA Supplemental Type Certificates for both the A330 and ATR aircraft types. Upon DGCA's validation of the STCs, the installations in these Jet Airways fleets will begin in early 2011. The EFB system deployments will include the navAero-designed UMTS/HSDPA/3G cellular communications module which will enable on-ground data transfer, and the ARINC 429 connectivity module that, when made operational, will allow for the depiction of own-ship position on an airport surface moving map application. In terms of other EFB applications, Jet Airways will be using several different EFB applications, including performance software, provided by Boeing, ATR, Airbus and others. The airline will also be using the EFB platform for viewing document as well as displaying aeronautical charts as an extended service from their current charting provider, Jeppesen. "At Jet Airways it is our constant endeavor to improve the safety and efficiency of our operations using the available technology in the marketplace" stated Capt Hassan Al-Mousawi, Senior VP Operations and OTP Jet Airways. "We decided on the navAero EFB solution because their offering made the best sense for Jet Airways. Their hardware technology met our requirements and needs - in terms of functionality and reliability - and will give us the robust platform to deploy the applications that will let us meet our business goals." Capt Hassan Al-Mousawi continued: "The navAero hardware was also the only solution that made economic sense to meet the requirements of our business model." navAero spokesperson, Simone Giordano, VP Customer Operations, stated "navAero is extremely excited in welcoming Jet Airways, a dominant airline in India and in Asian markets, into our growing family. Like other airlines who have embraced Class 2, Jet Airways has seen the benefits of what Class 2 EFB systems can provide and have justified the cost and return-on-investment for moving into this technology. The implementation of our EFB hardware will allow Jet Airways to further their journey of technology-led business transformation. By placing state-of-the-art EFB technology into the flight deck, the navAero EFB platform will be able to help Jet Airways achieve their long-term business mission of innovation and leadership as they continues to grow and expand internationally."

Source: navAero
Date: Nov 11, 2010