USAFA Adds Four Frasca IFTs

The United States Air Force Academy, USAFA, Colorado has placed an order for four Frasca Instrument Flight Trainers (IFTs). The four new devices will join the eight existing Frasca IFTs which were delivered in 2002 and will be used to support cadet aviation programs at the Academy. The IFTs will be networked together (in groups of four) and will incorporate mission simulation to allow training in certain combat situations. Full instrumentation and controls are provided for two pilots in a side by side seating configuration. All cockpit controls and instrumentation will be active in the simulators and function as in the aircraft. The primary flight and navigation instruments and engine instrument displays will be modeled after those in the front cockpit of the Raytheon T-6A. A Frasca visual system with LCD HDTV displays will be included on all devices. Other features include a high fidelity sounds system, simulated radio communications and intercom equipment, microphone equipped headsets for the pilots and instructors, visual databases providing selected coverage of the United States, Graphical Instructor Sation (GISt(tm)) and more. "Frasca is proud to be supporting the USAFA mission. It is an honor to have Frasca equipment used in the education of our future Air Force leaders," stated John Frasca, Vice President, Frasca International, Inc.

Source: Frasca International
Date: Nov 4, 2010