LuciadFusion: Manage, fuse and serve data efficiently to deliver superior situational awareness

Leuven, Belgium, October 27 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, a specialist in high performance visualization for situational awareness applications, is pleased to announce the official release of its new, innovative product: LuciadFusion. LuciadFusion is a high performance, tile-based software solution for achieving smart on-the-fly fusion of large multi-domain spatial datasets in networked environments. It supports successful decision-making across Military C4ISR systems, Homeland Security, First Responder, Air Traffic Management and other mission-critical applications. In fact, all situational awareness applications would benefit from the use of LuciadFusion. The product has been specifically designed for efficient data handling and intelligent data exploitation, on new as well as on legacy systems. LuciadFusion solves the information overload that commanders and operators are often faced with by providing the correct level of information to the relevant user in a timely and cost-efficient manner. LuciadFusion consist of fully customizable components for building customer specific solutions. The product acts as the central point in any scenario where multiple applications and clients need to access multiple data sources and services instantly. LuciadFusion fuses the original datasets without transformation or duplication, and feeds that information to high performance and high precision visualization in 2D and 3D of the LuciadMap(tm) product suite, and to any other OGC compatible application. The product is scalable such that the same technology can be used by the commander and the soldier in the field. In addition, LuciadFusion is designed to handle unlimited data sets and to serve a large number of users from one or multiple locations. "LuciadFusion delivers information quality and availability, and works in a non-intrusive way together with any combination of multiple data sources and existing system configurations", said Lode Missiaen, Luciad CEO. "Based on robust and proven Luciad technology, LuciadFusion represents the first solution that delivers situational awareness to the relevant person in a timely manner". More information on LuciadFusion is available at

Source: LUCIAD
Date: Oct 27, 2010