LRAD Receives Over $1.5 M in New LRAD Systems Orders from US Military

LRAD Corporation (Nasdaq: LRAD) the global leader in acoustic hailing devices (AHDs), announced today it has received over $1.5 million in new Long Range Acoustic Device(r) 100X(tm)/300X(tm)/500X(tm) systems orders from the U.S. Military for immediate shipment. LRAD Corporation's proprietary directed AHDs enable military forces to communicate and determine the intent of potential threats at safe distances, providing time and distance to employ a measured response. The LRAD 100X is a hand-held, long-range communications system that outperforms and surpasses conventional megaphones and bullhorns. The 100X features optimized driver and waveguide technology to ensure loud, highly intelligible voice communication so every word is understood. The extraordinary acoustic performance of the 100X comes in a rugged package that can be operated in all types of outdoor environments. Interfaces include a standard microphone as well as a rugged media player designed for easy operation in demanding conditions. The LRAD 300X is a compact, lightweight solution for armored vehicles and Common Remotely Operated Weapons Stations (CROWS). It can be easily transported to provide military personnel long-range communications and a highly effective hailing and warning capability where needed. From inside their armored vehicles, 300X operators can issue clear, authoritative multi-lingual commands, followed with powerful deterrent tones to enhance response capabilities. LRAD 500X systems are being widely used by U.S. and international naval forces due to their unequalled broadcast clarity and range. The U.S. Army is deploying 500X systems on their small vessels and vehicles to provide military and security personnel long-range communications and a highly effective hailing and warning capability to limit escalation of force in restrictive rules of engagement environments. "We're pleased to receive these new orders that further strengthen our position as the AHD of choice for the U.S. Military," said Tom Brown, president and CEO of LRAD Corporation. "These orders and others that shipped this quarter ensure a strong fiscal Q4 2010 (ending September 30, 2010) and our first profitable fiscal year."
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Source: LRAD Corp.
Date: Sep 29, 2010