Sectra deploys new standard that facilitates European partnerships

The Hague, The Netherlands, September 27, 2010 --[ASDWire]--Sectra, Europe's leading supplier of secure telephony, has taken the strategic decision to adapt its secure voice communication products to the SCIP standard. Already by spring 2011, the Tiger and Panthon products will support SCIP. "We will be the first company in the European market to offer products that support the SCIP standard for handling security-classified information at the Secret and Restricted levels," says Jeroen de Muijnck, President of Sectra Communications BV. SCIP (Secure Communications Interoperability Protocol) is a NATO standard for secure voice communications that is in demand among government authorities in Europe and that is required in NATO procurement processes. Sectra has extensive experience of designing secure telephony products and is a member of the SCIP working group. "By deploying the SCIP standard, Sectra is contributing to facilitating secure telephony in various types of European partnerships. The company's customers will be able to communicate securely with all of those who ultimately choose to use products that support this standard," says Jeroen de Muijnck. The company's secure telephony products, Sectra Tiger and Panthon, are deployed by European decision makers, officials and armed forces. Tiger XS is the only product in the market for secure telephony that is certified at the highest security level, Secret, by the EU and NATO. Sectra will now adapt these products to the SCIP standard and all users will be able to converse securely with one another. Information that can cause grave damage if disclosed is classified as Secret. Information that can cause minor yet undesirable effects if disclosed is classified as Restricted.
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Source: Sectra AB
Date: Sep 27, 2010