Inmedius Delivers World's First Integrated Business Rules and S1000D BREX Engine

PITTSBURGH, PA - September 14, 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Inmedius(r), Inc. announces the latest release of Inmedius Advisor(tm), an advanced software tool that enables an organization to ensure the quality of its SGML and XML documents through the use of extensive quality validation rules. Advisor 2.0 is the first of its kind to integrate S1000D Business Rules Exchange (BREX) with authoring and management functions. A Web service provided with the server edition allows organizations to fully integrate the quality assurance cycle into existing production processes and workflows. With Advisor 2.0, Inmedius added and incorporated S1000D BREX checking with Advisor's already comprehensive Business Rules inspection process. The combination of these two powerful engines allows for validation of project and internal rule sets along with unique S1000D Specification requirements. S1000D Data Module support allows users to read and export BREX data from the CSDB client, with project BREX lists available to integrated authoring. "The reality is that BREX checking by itself does not and cannot lead to complete compliance with project rules. There are many checks that need to be performed beyond the S1000D rule set," stated Sean Rushing, Director of S1000D Products and Services, "Supplier and program unique rules are not S1000D specific and must also be checked for full compliance. Logical groupings using and/or and a regular expression check are examples of more general or universal types of rule checking." Advisor is easy to use, automating quality assurance so that publication authors no longer have to manually check each and every document. The software provides the ability to configure custom content rules from an extensive library of validation templates. Content rules are created in the graphical interface, SGML or XML documents are selected to validate, and Advisor takes care of the rest. Authors receive a detailed report of each problem, so they can easily update content. "Inmedius is committed to bringing improvements to the compliance marketplace," stated Gary Schaffer, President and CEO, Inmedius, Inc. "In the near future we will launch a number of product offerings in the areas of language checking, terminology compliance, and reuse efficiency that will bring much needed innovation to quality assurance processes." For a complete document lifecycle solution, Advisor Server integrates seamlessly with both Inmedius S1000Dmanager(tm) and Inmedius Horizon(r). Manager, part of the seven-module Inmedius S1000D Publishing Suite(tm), is a comprehensive management system offering extensive features that provide a framework for controlling the development of technical data utilizing S1000D publishing concepts. Horizon is a publication production system to comprehensively manage a technical documentation operation. Advisor is also available as a stand-alone server to be integrated into third-party systems. Advisor can be deployed for cloud computing on a server, or on an individual desktop. Advisor's unique architecture allows for one product to essentially support both deployment options. Learn more, view product literature, request a demo, or purchase the software online at
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Source: Inmedius
Date: Sep 14, 2010