TCG Receives 5 International Orders and Delivers Core Solutions

(Tewksbury, MA., September 7, 2010) -- Tactical Communications Group (TCG), the leading independent provider of tactical data link ("TDL") software solutions for military test, training and operational applications worldwide, today announced that the Company has received five contracts from, and delivered its core products to, a major British communications firm, a major Pacific Rim country, Saab Systems Group and the US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE). The British company purchased TCG's Battlefield Operational Support System (BOSS), the top-selling standards compliant TDL testing and simulation software solution on the market, for lab testing in its UK operations. The unit was ordered in May and delivered into the United Kingdom by the end of June. A Pacific Rim country finalized its purchase of a second GTS system for their Link 16 training needs. The system will ship this fall. Furthermore, in April TCG delivered multiple LinkPRO products to Saab Systems Group to integrate with their systems subsequently delivered to the Middle East. The US Air Forces in Europe (USAFE) purchased multiple TCG Ground Tactical Data Link Systems (GTSs), the company's realistic Link 16 training solution, for Aviano AB, Italy and Spangdahlem AB, Germany - these units were shipped mid-July. "We are very pleased to receive this significant opportunity to work with these well-known international industry and military organizations," said Marty F. McDonough, Founder, President and CEO. "Each of TCG's TDL solutions are uniquely designed to provide superior tactical data link (TDL) integration, testing, training and operational deployment." McDonough continued, "TCG's products are very competitive both technically and economically, and our sales and marketing organization has made outstanding progress introducing our technologies globally. We are delighted to play such an important role in creating secure, interoperable, military communications in the air, on the ground, and on the sea."

Source: Tactical Communications Group
Date: Sep 8, 2010