Charles River Analytics to Develop Cyber Defense Tool for CyberGenome Program

(Cambridge, MA., September 2, 2010) -- Charles River Analytics, a developer of cutting-edge technologies for intelligent systems, received a contract award in cyber defense to support the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) as part of the Cyber Genome project. Dr. Scott Neal Reilly, Vice President, Decision Management Systems, said, "The Cyber Genome program is focused on developing revolutionary technologies to help defend computer networks from various types of cyber attacks, now and in the future. Our effort, named MAAGI (Malware Analysis and Attribution using Genetic Information), is combining ideas and techniques from biological evolution, reverse engineering of computer programs, and linguistics to rapidly identify the source and intent of intrusions that are indicative of new malware attacks, such as those currently engineered by computer viruses, worms, and Trojans. Our goal is not only to assess attacks, but to anticipate them, to support pro-active defenses." The four-year contract is valued at just under $7 million. Charles River has supported DARPA for over a decade in areas such as human computer interaction, socio-cultural modeling, collaboration-support systems, and dynamic real-time operating systems. Ms. Karen Harper, Senior Vice President, Government Services, said, "We are excited to be supporting DARPA in advancing the state of the art in technology addressing the growing cyber threat. Our unique and talented team includes Assured Information Security, Inc. (AIS) and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette. We are pursuing an innovative approach to the Cyber Genome challenge of characterizing and predicting the evolution of malware to support detection and attribution of cyber attacks for both the defense and law enforcement communities."
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Source: Charles River Analytics
Date: Sep 3, 2010