New Arrival at Manchester - Airbus A380 - Welcomed by UK Aerospace Industry

(September 1, 2010) -- A|D|S, the UK's AeroSpace, Defence and Security trade organisation today (Wednesday) welcomed the arrival of the Airbus A380 as it makes its debut at Manchester Airport. The aircraft has been operating for some time from London Heathrow. Manchester is its second UK destination and the first regional or non-hub airport to have the A380, which is an important milestone in the increasing use of this world-leading aircraft. The Airbus A380 is more fuel-efficient than a hybrid car, travelling 100 passenger kilometres in standard three class configuration, using less than 3 litres of fuel (a hybrid car uses 4 litres) and produces about the same perceived noise on take-off (82 decibels or dB) as that produced by heavy traffic, less than that experienced inside a London underground train (93dB). When fitted with Rolls-Royce engines and with major contributions from other UK companies the Airbus A380 is up to 50 per cent made in Britain. The aircraft, operated by Emirates, is due to arrive at Manchester Airport at around 1225 today and depart at around 1520 (for today only) as it begins a regular daily scheduled service that will usually depart at 1410. Ian Godden, Chairman of A|D|S, said: "The UK aerospace sector is number one in Europe and second only to the US globally. The Airbus A380 is an embodiment of this success. Up to half of the aircraft is made in Britain with major contributions from many world-leading British-based companies of all sizes, especially the wings made by Airbus in the UK."

Source: ADS Group UK
Date: Sep 2, 2010