EU selects Sectra as supplier of secure telephony

Linkoping, Sweden, September 1, 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Sectra's encryption system Tiger XS, approved for communications up to EU Secret, has been selected for secure telephony within the EU. The recently signed framework contract between Sectra and the Council of the European Union in Brussels is valid for a total period of four years. An initial order has been placed scheduled for delivery during the autumn of 2010. "The framework contract with the Council of the European Union realizes our goal of providing easy-to-use products for secure telephony to customers in all EU Member States. A common solution for secure voice will help to reinforce security in Europe" says Michael Bertilsson, President of Sectra Communications AB. Sectra develops its products in close cooperation with its customers. The company's home markets are the Netherlands and Sweden, where government and defense customers have contributed to Tiger's development. "Tiger XS is the most secure product in the market for secure telephony. All Dutch ministries and the Dutch defense forces already use Tiger XS for the secure communication of sensitive national information and EU secrets," says a spokesperson for the Dutch security authority. Sectra Tiger in brief In 1999, Sectra launched the world's first secure mobile telephone certified at the security level Secret. Since then, Sectra has delivered additional products for secure telephony through continuous product development. Tiger XS, which has been ordered by the Council of the European Union, is used to make secure calls over telephone lines, GSM, 3G, ISDN and IP networks as well as via satellite systems. Tiger XS is the only crypto product for mobile and fixed telephony to have received security approvals at the level Secret from both the EU and NATO. Tiger XS users include decision-makers, high-ranking officials and military forces in Europe.
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Source: Sectra AB
Date: Sep 1, 2010