SDS to Provide C4 Analysis and Management Support to JCS/J6

(August 26, 2010) -- SDS International (SDS) has been awarded a contract to provide Analysis and Management support to Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) Director, Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (JCS/J6) at the Pentagon, Washington DC. Under this contract, SDS will provide support for National and International Electromagnetic issues raised by government and non-government organizations, the Global Positioning System (GPS), and Information Assurance (IA). Specific tasks include review, update, and maintenance of US Supplements to Allied Communications Publications; Military Communications-Electronics Board (MCEB) support; Spectrum and Frequency Management support; wide range of GPS and Navigation Warfare (Navwar) support to include review and coordination of applicable GPS, Navwar, and related Joint Capabilities Integration and Development System (JCIDS) documents such as Operational Requirements Documents (ORDs), Concept Development Documents (CDDs), Concepts of Operations (CONOPS), applicable GPS-related Joint Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence (C4I) Program Assessment Tool documents, and JCS instructions; and IA and Computer Network Defense (CND) Joint policy, responsibilities and procedures. SDS will provide research and analysis support, review technical documents, provide analysis and technical expertise, and furnish reports, briefing, and analysis products. To accomplish these tasks, SDS will interface with the Office of Secretary of Defense, Combatant Commands, Services, and Defense Agencies having a role in national spectrum policy, GPS, and IA.
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Source: SDS International
Date: Aug 27, 2010