ThalesRaytheonSystems deployable ACCS successfully demo air defense capabilities

(Massy, France, August 24, 2010) -- ThalesRaytheonSystems (TRS) today announced that the deployable element of its Air Command and Control System (ACCS) program successfully performed air operations missions during NATO's recent Joint Project Optic Windmill (JPOW) 2010. JPOW 2010 is the latest in a series of biennial exercises sponsored by The Netherlands in coordination with the U.S. and several NATO members. ThalesRaytheonSystems' deployable, shelterized command and control system called DARS - short for Deployable Air Control Center, Recognized Air Picture Production Center and Sensor Fusion Post - was utilized during the exercises that concluded on July 16th. JPOW is a major European exercise that enables participating forces to demonstrate and assess integration, coordination and interoperability between international weapons systems and command and control structures aligned for theater and regional ballistic missile defense. "The ACCS Programme has participated in JPOW for the past few years and this is the first time the deployable DARS unit has been included," said Jack Harrington, chief executive officer, ThalesRaytheonSystems. "We are pleased that an opportunity was created to test DARS capabilities in a complex, large-scale networked simulation." NATO's ACCS program, developed by ThalesRaytheonSystems, has participated in every JPOW since 2007. This year, ACCS participated on-site at the Netherlands' De Peel Air Base with the DARS solutions, which performed in a tactical air C2 role by building the simulated air surveillance picture and sharing it with other participants such as Patriots, Simulated AWACS and Frigates over NATO's L-16 military tactical data exchange network. ACCS also managed and controlled fighter aircraft and surface-to-air missile units in the defense role against air-breathing threats in the simulated JPOW scenario. In a related JPOW activity taking place at NATO's Integrated Missile Defence Test Bed in The Hague, over the course of three days, an ACCS Missile Defense prototype also connected to exercise participants at the JPOW De Peel site, and successfully exchanged tactical data on missile defense, and for space track surveillance and weapons engagement.
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Source: ThalesRaytheonSystems
Date: Aug 27, 2010