With MetaVR Visuals, AFRL F-16 X-DTTs to be Delivered to Aviano AFB, Italy

(Brookline, MA., July 30, 2010) -- MetaVR announces that the Air Force Research Laboratory, Warfighter Readiness Research Division in Mesa, AZ, (AFRL/Mesa) recently updated their F-16 Experimental Deployable Tactics Trainer (X-DTT) simulators to use MetaVR visuals and Immersive Display Solutions portable domes. The F-16 X-DTTs are deployable, medium fidelity, in-theater training systems for keeping the warfighter proficient between missions. For this update, the AFRL/Mesa lab recently purchased 26 MetaVR Virtual Reality Scene Generator (VRSG) licenses to replace its existing SDS International AAcuity PC-IG systems for the simulators. The MetaVR software runs on the existing image generator hardware with no changes required. Each F-16 X-DTT has six projected views on the partial dome in addition to a sensor view. Each system can be used as a standalone training tool or networked with other simulators to participate in larger exercises. The systems are similar in design to MetaVR's and Immersive Display Solutions' JTAC MiniDome, with differences specific for the F-16 X-DTT. The domes are constructed of fiberglass in order to provide the best possible surface that minimizes seams and reduces blemishes. Each dome is a 3.0-meter (diameter) display, providing 220-degree horizontal field-of-view (FOV) x 90-degree (+60/-30) FOV. The visual solution includes six Projection Design FL32 WUXGA projectors with wide-angle lenses; each projector has 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution. Taking advantage of the complete integration between MetaVR's VRSG and Scalable Display Technologies' EasyBlend FX software, EasyBlend FX is used for geometry warp and for the auto alignment (edge blend) of all VRSG channels into a seamless image. The system has an average blended resolution of 11.5 million pixels, equals 4.8 arc-min/OLP. An integrated adjustable truss system supports all the projection equipment, auto alignment cameras, and the HUD projector. The medium-fidelity X-DTT simulator consists of an F-16 Block 30 aircraft shell with the actual F-16 Operational Flight Program (OFP) and high-fidelity aircraft stick and throttle. These simulators provide the essential F-16 cockpit switches on a touch-screen LCD in front of the pilot. Previously, the X-DTT simulator's visual system was comprised of three 30-inch Apple Cinema High Definition LCDs and the SDS International AAcuity Personal Computer Image Generation System. As part of an ongoing effort to enhance the fidelity of the simulator, AFRL/Mesa replaced the visuals with MetaVR VRSG and replaced the monitors with the portable domes from Immersive Display Solutions as described above. AFRL/Mesa is currently conducting research to examine the effectiveness of medium-fidelity X-DTT simulators for training air combat skills. The updated F-16 X-DTT simulators are slated to be delivered to and installed at the Aviano Air Base, Italy, starting this fall.
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Source: MetaVR
Date: Jul 30, 2010