Fibrotex to Supply Camouflage Systems to NATO Country Operating in Afghanistan

(Israel, July 29, 2010) -- Fibrotex Technologies, a global industry leader in camouflage, concealment, and deception solutions, has been awarded a contract to supply its Personal Camouflage Screens (PCS) for deployment with the Special Operations Forces of a NATO country in Afghanistan. The contract award is for a three year period as part of a multi-year equipping program and is a repeat order from this customer. With this contract, the customer will be deploying a large number of camouflage systems which are of the same type it has deployed previously. The previous systems however were for a dual forest/desert terrain concealment while this order will complete the package with a dual fresh-snow/'dirty'-snow terrain camouflage patterns. "Our Personal Camouflage Screens are unique in their ability to provide concealment to soldiers operating in a variety of terrains and combat environments, within mere seconds." Says Adi Blum, Fibrotex' CEO. He goes on to say "This capability significantly increases the soldiers' survivability. Fibrotex continues to receive repeat orders for this product from numerous customers and this provides the ultimate testimony to our product's performance. PCS is yet another example of a Fibrotex product making a real difference by saving lives on the battlefield." Easy to deploy and to carry, the camouflage screens that Fibrotex has been supplying to Special Forces operating in Afghanistan answer the challenging requirement for rapid concealment in changing terrain conditions such as fresh or melting snow as addressed with this latest order. Camouflage and concealment with the use of personal screens provides the type of solution needed in the field by virtue of the screen's multi spectral properties. This means camouflage within the UV range, visual concealment from the naked eye or binoculars, and thermal camouflage (against the use of thermal imaging devices and thermal sensors). The result is increased survivability for Special Forces operating in hostile environments. Fibrotex Personal Camouflage Screen (PCS) is a lightweight, low volume, two- dimensional multispectral camouflage net featuring a varied and different print pattern on each side. This enables one net to provide concealment response to two different geographical areas thus increasing both operational/logistic as well as economic efficiencies. The screen's two dimensional one layer structure affords a low storage volume, and with its light weight PCS is easy to carry while providing exceptional visibility from inside.
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Source: Fibrotex Technologies
Date: Jul 30, 2010