LuciadMap V10.0 sets new standards in Situational Awareness technology

Luciad releases enhanced version of its visualization & graphical analysis software suite Leuven, Belgium, July 5 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, the specialist in high performance visualization for situational awareness applications, announces it has released LuciadMap(tm) V10.0. The latest release offers new capabilities, enhancements, and functionality that allow developers to rapidly and effectively build and deploy high-end mission-critical systems. The new product includes full support for the KML data format, the AIXM 5.1 standard for the exchange of aeronautical data, and it integrates multi-touch input support for more intuitive and convenient display interaction. LuciadMap is a suite of customizable software components that system integrators and original equipment manufacturers can easily integrate into their existing systems. The product has a global user base in the Aviation, the Defense and the Security industries. With version 10.0, Luciad adds additional functionality and performance to its flagship software suite. Luciad continuously expands its technology to offer the most complete software solutions. LuciadMap V10.0 incorporates multi-touch input through touch aware controllers, full support for touch devices, and reusable operations for gesture definition. The product provides a more natural and intuitive way for its users to interact with their end applications, ranging from small portable embedded devices, up to large screens for tactical planning. LuciadMap V10.0 comes with full support for KML (Keyhole Markup Language), the Google and OGC-standardized format for displaying geographic data in an earth browser. The plug-and-play functionality allows users to easily integrate their KML data from different sources into a single common operating display. The V10.0 release further extends its AIXM capability with support for AIXM 5.1, the new standard for the exchange of aeronautical information for both the American NextGen and European SESAR programs' future ATC/ATM/AIM systems. The AIXM 5.1 format provides a powerful temporality model that allows encoding of NOTAMs and other time-dependent information. "The LuciadMap V10.0 release again demonstrates our commitment to meeting our customers' needs through continual improvement", said Lode Missiaen, Luciad CEO. "By constantly innovating our products, we ensure our customers always have the best-in-class solution to turn superior situational awareness to their strategic competitive advantage." Among other capability enhancements in LuciadMap V10.0 is the full support for the NATO APP-6B standard and ISO metadata. The Unified Domain Model implementation delivers significant processing time reduction for data operations. For more information visit
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Source: LUCIAD
Date: Jul 6, 2010