Insitu's ScanEagle UAS Selected by USAF Academy to Train Cadets

(Bingen, Wash., June 29, 2010) -- Insitu Inc. has teamed with BOSH Global Services to train U.S. Air Force Academy cadets on the disciplines critical to planning and executing missions using unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), specifically Insitu's ScanEagle, from within the Air Forces' Air Operations Center (AOC). The training is designed to familiarize academy cadets with UAS and to give them first-hand knowledge of how these systems can be integrated into Air Force Operations to support warfighters worldwide. "ScanEagle was chosen because it is a superior system that is extremely intuitive, giving cadets a hands-on learning experience almost from day one," said U.S. Air Force Academy Lt. Col. David Latham. "This UAS is perfect for training at the academy because of its high-performance capacity at higher altitudes and extreme temperatures." "The Air Force is training more cadets to become UAS pilots to keep pace with the worldwide demand for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capabilities. At a fraction of the cost of larger UAS platforms, the ScanEagle provides a cost-effective and efficient option for the Air Force to train cadets how to achieve their core competencies of information superiority, global attack and agile combat support," said Vice President, Sustainment Operations and General Operations Mary Margaret Evans. Through the program, cadets get hands-on experience in the operation of UAS. They also receive instruction about intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, aerodynamics, mission planning, emergency procedures, visual observer duties and techniques and airmanship concepts. The basic UAS course lasts eight days. On the first instruction day, cadets get an overview and watch a demonstration of ScanEagle in flight. The rest of the training, offered by BOSH, involves in-class and actual flight operations instruction. Each student operates ScanEagle during six 40-minute training periods of actual flight. This year, three courses are offered: basic, advanced and instructor preparation. The instructor prep course was conducted in April when 24 upper-level cadets received instruction to help train lower-level cadets. In June, about 90 cadets are participating in the basic course. The advanced session will be offered in the fall.

Source: Insitu
Date: Jun 30, 2010