SDS Delivers MQ-9 Reaper Simulator to AFRL

(June, 2010) -- SDS International (SDS) recently delivered its ROVATTS(tm)-based MQ-9 Reaper Mission Training Device (MTD) to the AFRL, Mesa AZ. SDS' Advanced Technologies Division, Orlando, Florida which originally developed the MQ-9 Reaper MTD to support crew training within the Air National Guard (ANG), delivered the first MTD to AFRL to support Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) research and training. The MTD, which is an integral part of Mesa's new Integrated Theater Combat Operations Training Research testbed, with demonstrated connectivity to--and interoperability with--AFRL's 5-meter domed Joint Terminal Attack Control Training and Rehearsal System (JTAC TRS) and the Joint Theater Air/Ground Simulation System or JTAGSS for air support coordination and operations training, will provide a realistic Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) component for use in a variety of current AFRL DMO and future Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) operations training research activities. The delivered Reaper MTD consists of two tabletop simulator stations that preserve the correct physical layout of the MQ-9 pilot and sensor operator components of the actual MQ-9 ground control station. The system, which operates in a normal office environment (A/C, power, etc.), includes two adjustable, wheeled COTS tables holding properly sized/positioned flat-panel displays for the Reaper's head-up-display (HUD), tracker, command and status displays; specialized USB-based Desktop Control Units comprised of form/fit/function stick, throttle, keyboard and trackball controls; and game-level rudders. The MTD also incorporates an SDS-developed high fidelity Reaper aerodynamics package (supporting takeoff/enroute/landing operations including flight with turbulence effects and control-delays); pilot and sensor operator HUDs; and electro-optical/infra-red sensor displays including high-fidelity terrain scenes provided by SDS' AAcuity(r) PC-IG. The MTD's pilot and sensor operator control stations include functioning variable information tables and menu button interfaces, tracker displays, selected normal and emergency procedure functionality, and AGM-114 Hellfire missile and GBU-12 laser guided bomb weapons employment capabilities. In addition, the MTD has a separate laptop-based instructor-operator-station capable of supporting mission planning/tactical scenario generation (including fixed and moving 3D targets/humans) and mission control. SDS' MQ-9 Reaper MTDs support individual (pilot or sensor operator) and/or crew training in a stand-alone environment, plus distributed operations involving a variety of live, virtual and constructive systems in either local or distributed exercises using DIS or HLA connectivity. As such, the Reaper MTD represents a low-cost, high-fidelity simulation system capable of supporting a wide variety of realistic training, mission rehearsal, R&D and T&E applications.

Source: SDS International
Date: Jun 30, 2010