The C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft Reaches Flight-Hour Milestone

(June 21, 2010) -- The C-27J Joint Cargo Aircraft (JCA) Team - led by L-3 Communications and with Alenia Aeronautica's participation through its owned company Alenia North America - announced today that the United States' C-27J JCA fleet has logged 1,000 flight hours. The fleet includes the recently delivered third and fourth aircraft. The four delivered aircraft are supporting aircrew training and Product Qualification Testing (PQT). The training, which is being conducted at the programme's newly established schoolhouse, is scheduled to continue throughout this year and will be accelerated as operational demands increase. "The achievement of 1,000 flight hours is very significant", said Giovanni Bertolone, Alenia Aeronautica's CEO, "and attests to the reliability of the aircraft and the effectiveness of the collaboration between the companies involved in the programme: the logistical support provided by Global Military Aircraft Systems (GMAS), L-3 Vertex maintainers and the technical support/logistics group of Alenia Aeronautica". Pilot and Loadmaster training activities are being supported by the GMAS-owned Test Bed Aircraft and conducted with the support of L-3 Link Simulation & Training. The full-motion Operational Flight Trainer (OFT), built by Alenia Aeronautica and L-3, is scheduled to be delivered in the fourth quarter of next year. The programme is proceeding to Multi-Service Operational Test and Evaluation (MOT&E) with two Army and two Air Force crews. These crews will fly a rigorous test schedule in proving out the C-27J JCA's operational capabilities.
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Source: Alenia Aeronautica
Date: Jun 22, 2010