New Luciad data fusion platform highlight at Network Centric Warfare 2010

High performance data fusion, visualization & analysis for networked C4ISR operations Leuven, Belgium, June 22 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, the specialist in high performance visualization for mission-critical Defense and Security applications is presenting its latest situational awareness solutions at the Network Centric Warfare (NCW) Europe Conference in Brussels June 23-24. The operational issues affecting the practical development and deployment of networked enabled capabilities in theater pose great challenges to senior military decision-makers, operators and industry partners from the C4ISR community. At NCW Europe, Luciad will demonstrate its latest technology for achieving highly effective Situational Awareness applications that are fully scalable from central strategic command to deployed field units. Highlight at the event is LuciadFusion(tm), the new data fusion platform for managing, fusing, and serving massive data streams from multiple sources into one combined operational picture. Special techniques ensure remote users can continue to perform their duties efficiently, even at periods with no or severely reduced bandwidth. LuciadFusion's capabilities are provided across multiple applications and client types and form the missing link to real information superiority. Participants to NCW Europe can also experience live demos of LuciadMap(tm), the advanced visualization technology currently used in several NATO coalition and national military operations. LuciadMap V10, the latest release of this software suite for building superior situational awareness displays, powers interactive viewing through both thin and rich clients, as through OGC-compliant web services for large numbers of concurrent users. More info on the event is available at
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Source: LUCIAD
Date: Jun 22, 2010