Luciad situational awareness solutions support oil spill response

High performance data fusion, visualization & analysis software for disaster management and recovery on display at EMAC 2010 New Orleans, USA, June 21 2010 --[ASDWire]-- Luciad, the specialist in high performance visualization for mission-critical Defense and Security applications is presenting its latest situational awareness solutions for disaster management and recovery at EMAC on June 22-24 in New Orleans, USA. The National Emergency Management Assistance Compact (EMAC) Planning Workshop is hosted by the Louisiana National Guard. EMAC is the US national disaster-relief compact that provides fast and flexible assistance to the different states for any type of emergency, from earthquakes to acts of terrorism. The objective of this workshop is to improve each state's ability to support their governors and citizens through pre-identified and coordinated mutual aid agreements in the event of a major hurricane impact or other major disaster in 2010. The workshop will especially focus on the challenges posed by the recent oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. Luciad will demonstrate LuciadMap(tm) V10, the new release of its visualization and graphical analysis solution for emergency response and disaster recovery operations. The product allows for plug-and-play integration of KML data from different sources - including weather data, potential flood areas, and National Guard activities - into one Common Operational Picture. LuciadMap provides complete, accurate and up-to-date situational awareness which forms a critical foundation for timely and cost-effective decision-making in EMAC operations such as in the recent oil spill response. Luciad will also present LuciadFusion(tm), the new data fusion platform for managing, fusing, and serving massive data streams from multiple sources into one combined operating picture, readily available in multiple end-user applications to first responders, government officials, environmental experts, and others.
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Source: LUCIAD
Date: Jun 21, 2010