Insitu Signs Groundbreaking Agreement with FAA

(Bingen, Wash., June 9, 2010) -- Insitu Inc. signed a cooperative research development agreement (CRDA) yesterday with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), whereby Insitu will provide a ScanEagle unmanned aircraft system (UAS) and related support hardware and data. The FAA will conduct research needed to guide the development of recommendations for integrating unmanned aircraft systems into the national airspace. "The FAA has a well-equipped laboratory and resources at the technical center that will allow them to fully evaluate our Tier II system," said Insitu Vice President, Commercial Business Development Paul McDuffee. "Through the CRDA, the FAA will have an opportunity to better understand UAS design, construction and functionality. It will also begin determining differences in how an air traffic controller manages an unmanned aircraft versus a manned aircraft by integrating the ScanEagle system with existing FAA air traffic control simulation capabilities." The research will be managed by the Research and Technology Development Office and conducted at the William J. Hughes Technical Center in Atlantic City, NJ. As part of the agreement, Insitu will train FAA pilots and support staff to fly and maintain the system. Insitu will also supply documentation related to the ScanEagle UAS, including an open invitation for FAA personnel to visit Insitu to see first-hand how the company develops and manufactures its products.

Source: Insitu
Date: Jun 11, 2010